We are a collective of futurists, academics, entrepreneurs and creatives who have come together to dream, design and build a better future for Afrika with others.

We were selected as one of five winners of the UN Futuring Peace competition! Click here to see our submission: Driving Change for peace in institutions of higher education in Afrika

The Work We Do

Within the higher education space, we challenge institutions to learn new ways of thinking from the fields of design, futures and complex systems theory. We do this so that they can take an active role in navigating and shaping the future in the decolonial moment, engaging violent histories and experiences and moving toward empathetic leadership.

We believe this presents an ideal opportunity to redefine what PEACE means for Afrikans with scalable impact. It's an opportunity to define knowledge as an empathetic tool necessary to build our own peace, rather than a space of problematic gatekeeping.

We have developed a toolkit that allows institutions of higher education to develop new mindsets for change. These can begin to embrace and adapt these tools to their specific environment, challenging themselves to critically engage their history, understand their present and imagine and define multiple futures for themselves.

The Principles We Believe In

Although you cannot truly predict the future, you can play an active role in creating a desired future.

Creating an environment where radical change can bring sustainable justice requires an organisational culture that embraces foresight, complexity and creativity.

Redefining peace means redefining violence, where futures of peace exist above and beyond the absence of violence, and as a result of the presence of justice, equality and agency.

This is not just an academic exercise, it is a transformative journey that academic institutional leadership and students can immerse themselves in shaping.

It is about creating intersectional consciousness: understanding plurality and acknowledging how difference realities can and must co-exist in one space.

The Team

From left to right: Abbas the visionary, Zoë the challenger, Courtney the writer, Farah the designer, Anne-Marie the producer, Paul the academic.

Contact Us

We work with a transdisciplinary approach across academia, business (formal + informal) and government to help organisations shape a better future by embedding mindsets for change.

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